Ensuring controlled and protected usage of medicines and keys is needed in healthcare facilities. LoxTop systems assure protected access to medicine storage and dispensing areas. Through key removal notifications, processes can be more secured that only authorized personnel have access to these materials within the different organization. For healthcare fleets key management systems ensure that only the authorized vehicle drivers can access the car keys, and can store events when keys are removed and replaced. In healthcare facilities it is required to use costly and sensitive equipment. Installing a key and storage management system decrease the chance of having to replace expensive equipment and protects organizations from liability if an equipment is damaged. In hospitals and nursing homes there is often different staff and equipment. Access permissions for the different areas need to be highly controlled, therefore you need a key management system. In the storage management system the doctors and nurses are able to secure belongings and different assets, before entering sterile or dangerous areas.

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The technical equipment of the devices are high leveled in the European Union developer and manufacturer factory. The manufacturing technology required by to fulfill the instrumentation, machinery and computer equipment as well. The latest developing environment, hardware and software developing tools are available for our software developers.


For the vendored and delivered Key Management and the Box Storage products the LoxTop give you 2 years full warranty. The warranty of the products spread out for the internal hardware and software. Long term hardware and software support and spare parts supply are available for our products


If the client agrees and the technical access is available, in this case we monitor the maintained or the system supported key management system through our computer monitoring system. Thus the troubleshoot is possible remotely, which reduces the response time and cost.