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Product Specifications


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Cabinet Types

▪ Thin wall Cabinet
▪ Key and Box Cabinet
▪ Storage Cabinet
▪ Safe

Safe certifications

▪ SS3492 (Swedish Standard),
▪ EN 14450 Standard, “S1” qualificationStorage capacity

Cabinet doors

▪ With/without door (right sided, left sided)
▪ Transparent plastic door
▪ Full metal door

Computer module

Industrial PC, Intel Atom E3845 1.91 GHz, Built
in SSD/HDD and external memory for backup,
4 GB DDR3 RAM, 8.9” Touch screen TFT, 2 Ethernet interfaces, RS232, USB, Windows 10
Embedded operating systems


Technical Data

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Power Requirement

230V50Hz / 110V60Hz AC

Internal Battery

7Ah, up to 45 min. operation



Operating Temperature

0 – 40°C (32°F – 104°F)

Color of the Cabinet

▪ RAL 9002
▪ YW361F
▪ on demand


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▪ Built in a safe for higher security
▪ Built up of modules and later expandable
▪ Easy to install, Plug&Play
▪ 24/7 support
▪ Remote support available
▪ 2 year warranty


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Number of keys and boxes which the user is
able to pick up or open within one login session
10 keys and/or 10 boxes
Remote management
WEB Interface Available
Network Mode
▪ Cabinets synchronize data with each other
▪ Local and Central database
Communication with External Systems
▪ Interface is available for ERP integration
▪ Based on XML and WEB service
Emergency open
▪ Max. 10 keys in one time
▪ Works using emergency key and button
▪ Enable emergency from external input


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Card reader
▪ USB or RS232
▪ Mifare 13.56 MHz
▪ EM 125 KHz
Fingerprint reader (optional)
USB or RS232
Key holder
CleverKey (keyholder with RFID-chip